Introduction to Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are located either above the opening or along the sides of the garage door. There are two types of garage door springs that are commonly referred to as torsion springs and extension springs. They are placed either on the sides or at the header of the garage door and wound tightly with a constant metal diameter bar to provide the required tension to the garage door.

Like other mechanical devices, these springs are going to break over time due to frequent usage no matter how well they are maintained. Normally, one spring breaks, and the other one will follow it soon just because of the great amount of pressure. Replacing the extension or torsion garage door springs is not easy for an ordinary person. It is really a tricky and dangerous project. There have been many reported accidents due to broken garage door springs. If you are not great with the powerful tools, it is always better to leave the task to Up & Over Garage Door Repair professionals.

But if you are really passionate and want to handle the garage door spring replacement project on your own, you should follow some safety precautions. Don’t forget to use sturdy eye protection, appropriate safety gear, and hand gloves in order to avoid potential problems. Make sure that you have a partner to help you in case of any emergency. It is also obvious to ensure that you are using high-quality products for adjusting the tension of the springs. It will also ensure that the whole placement is securely connected to the frame of the garage door. While winding the garage door springs, make sure that you use a bar that is not loose or complicated to the springs. It is always essential to be aware of the potential harm that could happen if something goes wrong.

Garage door torsion springs are likely the first parts that break and the extension springs will fail eventually. They are wounded to store the pressure and generate the tension while lifting the garage door. To determine an accurate sense of which type of garage door springs you will need to use on your garage door, you will have to calculate the weight of the garage door. The knowledge about the make and model of the garage door is also beneficial.

Never ever compromise on the quality of the springs when you are searching for the right replacement parts, especially in the case of torsion springs. If you choose a higher-quality garage door spring, you won’t have to worry about replacing the garage door springs soon. It is always recommended to hire professional garage door contractors to handle the job of garage door springs safely and efficiently.