Stuck Garage Door Does Not Mean a Replacement

It is amazing how often people tend to opt for costly garage door replacement projects in case something malfunctions rather than opting for professional local garage door services such as, best garage door repair service in Belmont, North Carolina. It is extremely true in the case of the automatic garage door as well. A Belmont, North Carolina’s best garage door repair service can help you to save huge replacement costs even if you have annoying problems. There could be multiple reasons for your garage door not working smoothly, being stuck, or non-responding to command but I would be going to discuss the most common ones.

Poor or improper installation of garage door: Overhead automatic garage doors need to be installed with high attention and care because the slightest mistake in the installation process could lead to poor performance, damages, or complete breakdown.

Cheap quality product: Owing to a large available variety of garage doors in the market, don’t get lured into buying cheap-quality products. Low-quality garage doors could result in frequent problems or major breakdowns right after the installation or within a short period of time.

Damaged garage door rollers: There are two common problems behind it, one is damaged rollers and the other is misaligned garage door tracks. It could result in improper movements of the garage door. Dented tracks can be straightened using a plastic hammer and the damaged roller must be replaced.

Malfunctioning garage door opener: Another common troubleshooting task is a malfunctioning garage door opener. Having both electrical and mechanical parts, the opener tends to break down. There are several reasons behind it including poor quality, low maintenance, or excessive usage. The opener should be adjusted or replaced accordingly.

Garage door components running dry: All garage door components and moving hardware needs to be lubricated for smooth operations. If they run dry for a long period of time they could create loud sounds when the garage door goes up and down, tend to lose their mobility and might stuck eventually.

Wiring problems of garage door: Cables and wires could become frayed or break out which could be dangerous and cause malfunction as well. Proper attention and expertise ought to be paid for adjusting and replacing the cables and electric wires. You should consult a garage door expert to replace the broken cables with high-quality ones that have a lesser chance of frying.

Alignment of garage door: Automatic garage door runs on metal tracks with the help of garage door rollers. These rails not only hold the garage door panels in place but also cause them to run smoothly using rollers attached to them. Any excessive pressure or obstructions like dust, debris, or accumulated grease could cause the tracks to fall out of their alignment; the result is obviously hard operations and stuck movements.

Out-of-shape garage door panels: Damaged, dented, or out-of-shape garage door panels are common reasons for garage doors not running smoothly. If dented panels are not attended, it could cause misalignment and probably break down.

Broken garage door springs: Garage door springs tend to lose their tension and eventually break out. Remember garage door springs hold a high amount of pressure which is dangerous to handle. You can get serious injuries if you don’t pay proper attention. It is strongly suggested that hire a professional garage door expert replace the broken garage door springs.