Garage Door Repair Guide

A garage door may just be one of the many parts of your house but it can do a lot for you. it can improve the value and exterior of your house, increase security, take care of your assets and make sure that your garage will be the safest place for your car. This is why it is extremely important to keep your garage door in a good working position.

However, just like other equipment around your house, it can also get damaged and malfunction over time. When this happens, you should take immediate action to hire a professional garage door company such as, Atascocita garage door repair to fix or replace it. Otherwise unfortunate events, theft, and other inconveniences may happen because you fail to fix your non-working garage door right away.

Some garage door repair tasks may not be as hard as you may think. Even if you are not mechanically inclined, you can perform this job on your own. Start your project by determining what the problem is. So, is it the garage door faulty structure that won’t open or close the garage door, garage door stuck on tracks while opening up or down? If your garage door simply won’t open or close, check the garage door opener to make sure that is working. If it is the cause, you just need to reprogram the opener.

If your garage door sticks when going up and down on the metal tracks. It means garage door tracks and rollers may need good cleaning and lubrication. Inspect the tracks thoroughly to make sure that they are not dented, clogged, or dirty. If they are clean the tracks using any normal household cleaning liquid to remove these substances and then lubricate them accordingly. If the garage door falls immediately after release, there could be a broken spring behind it. In this case, simply replace the garage door spring with the help of professionals.  

Garage door tracks play an important role in the operating mechanism of the garage door. Metal mounting brackets are used to hold them in place. If your garage door stops functioning, check the mounting brackets to make sure that they are not loose.  But if they are, simply tighten them or replaced the out-of-shape brackets. Dented tracks should be knocked back into shape using a rubber mallet. Broken tracks should be replaced with new ones.

As it concerns springs, the solution varies on the type of spring used. Often time, extension garage door springs are easier to adjust and replace. But in the case of torsion spring, it is better to employ professional garage door technicians due to security issues.

Garage door repair and maintenance is really something that should not be ignored. It is highly suggested to hire professional services for it.