Garage Door Problems You Can Handle On Your Own

When homeowners experienced small problems with their garage doors, they often ignore them and want to be relaxed. When you ignore the warning signs and small problems, they simply don’t go away, they should be treated. Otherwise, they might become worsen and create serious troubles and inconvenience to your pocket.  Calling a professional garage door company like garage door repair San Antonio, Texas is always advisable but every problem does not need professional assistance. It would be waste of time and money to call a professional garage door expert only to clean the small pebbles stuck in the tracks of the garage door. If you experienced that something is amiss, why not keep an eye on the following mentioned troublesome, maybe you can take care of them using DIY techniques and handy tools.

Squeaking garage door: In case your garage door is creating squeaking sounds or loud noises during opening and closing operations, it could be a sign that the bearings are dry, broken, and have rough edges. It could also an indication that tracks are rusty, blocked, damaged, or may have small pebbles on them. This problem can be easily solved and handled by just cleaning out the tracks, rollers, and hinges. These parts should be oiled every now and then.

Stuck garage door: If your garage door won’t open or close smoothly, there is a chance that your garage door remote is working or something may be wrong with the automated mechanism itself. Inspect the garage door cables, pulleys, and springs to make sure that they have not been dent, frayed, or damaged. Another common reason why your garage door might not open or close smoothly because the tracks are deformed or obstructed due to accumulated dust or dirt. Check the tracks, pulleys, and cables to determine if they need replacement.

Garage door wobbles or moves slowly: It means that the hinges, tracks, and other structural systems that hold the garage door are too weak to support the material of the garage door. If you have installed a weighted wood garage door, it should be matched with the supporting system to manage the weight. The garage door components should be strong enough to lift or lower the heavyweight of the garage door smoothly.

The garage door opens or closes on its own: It might be malfunctioning of the automated mechanism of the garage door. First of all, check the remote control to see if it is working properly. Read the manual instructions to learn the troubleshooting techniques and to adjust the automated system of a garage door. There is the chance that someone in your neighbors using a passcode similar to yours. You just need to reset the access code or reprogram the opener to change the security code.

Garage door remote is not working: Check if the garage door remote is functioning and its batteries have enough power to operate. You need to change the old batteries with one. If it does not work then buy a new remote. Then inspect the cables thoroughly to determine if they are adjusted properly. They should not be frayed or broken. You may need to replace the cables if that’s where the issue is. You should follow the instructional manual to do this properly.