Thank you for taking interest in our website. In hopes to give you more information about us, we have collected here all the common questions being asked from us on a regular basis. We hope that this can help you in understanding our services better and also the festival. But just in case we failed to address your questions here, all you need to do is to send us a message at our contact details available at our contact page so that we can address it immediately.


Do you have any contact number we can call?


Currently, we can only communicate through our email and through this website. Since we are not a real company that gets profits from rendering services, landline or mobile phones are not anymore necessary. We promise, however, that we’ll send you a message back as soon as we can.


Are you the official website of the North Carolina Jazz Festival? No, we are not. This is simply a website that is made with the collaboration of all people who love the festival. We are not a formal organization or we are affiliated with any groups. We stand alone as we assist people in getting legitimate information about the festival.


Do you sell festival tickets here?


No, we don’t. We do not sell here anything for the people whether it is a ticket to the actual event or a slot for the booths. What we give you is simply the information you need so you can understand the festival better.


Do I have to register to access the articles on this website?


Registrations are not at all necessary. You can have access to this website anytime you want. You can read articles and engage with other people, all for FREE. So make sure to take advantage of this opportunity so you can know more about the festival.