Jazz Education

Jazz Education

The North Carolina Jazz Festival started a jazz education outreach program in 2007 by taking the Thursday evening all-star musicians to a local middle school on Friday to perform a concert/workshop, geared to introducing JAZZ to the children who would be the future musicians and/or audiences of the future.  We are continuing this practice each year.


In 2008 we also presented a master class with bassist Herman Burney at Wilmington’s New Hanover High School.

2010 saw the start of our masterclass/workshops at the Hilton Hotel, where local music students and educators were invited to participate  in guitar, violin and trumpet workshops given by Bucky Pizzarelli, Jonathan Russell and Bria Skonberg.

This practice is continued, through the generosity of the Wilmington Hilton Riverside, who makes the rooms for these events available. In 2012 we added Adrian Cunningham’s woodwind  instrument classes, which we continued in 2013, bringing a total of 6 workshops on Friday afternoon.  We appreciate the time and talents of  our great all-star musicians, who are helping the North Carolina Jazz Festival at Wilmington  to help present, promote, and preserve this true American heritage called JAZZ!

For more information in the Jazz Education Workshops please contact Laura Crane:  lauracranebx@gmail.com