About Us

This website is basically made to be a source of legitimate and up-to-date information about all things related to the North Carolina Jazz Festival. This has been serving the enthusiasts of the festival for over 5 years now. We have been created by the fans of the festival itself so you can be sure that you won’t go wrong here.


We are non-profit and we are not affiliated with any of the organizations in existence. We are not even an official website of the festival itself or the people behind it. What we are is the product of the hard work of many people who have attended the organization non-stop since they have known it. We understand the frustration and disappointment of being robbed of the appropriate information, this is why we want to ensure that this will not happen to other people.


We offer our services here for free. Expect that we do not charge anything even membership fee. That is not the purpose of this website as we strive to give everyone access to all things related to the Jazz Festival.


Through the years of being of service to a variety of people, we have already been subjected to a variety of demands including every once in a while meet and greet during the actual North Carolina Jazz Festival. Just last year, we already caved in as we let our first get-together with those who frequent this website happen. We had fun dancing jazz music as the festival takes place all day and all night long. That made the already special event more memorable. We are going to have the same meet and greet this year. Check out our online bulletin so you won’t miss it.


Please follow us at this website to know more about the latest updates we post here.